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Thursday, February 16, 2012

* Leah *

Pixel doll © at "My Kind of Rainbow"
* My Kind of Rainbow * presents....

Outfit's Name: * Leah *
About the Dress: Her dress is very fitted and pretty short in length. It is black for the most part, but does have a hint of white in both the very top and very bottom. The dress carries an angular white tail; the tail starts at the upper thighs and ends at the knees. There is an under-bust lining included in this dress, and above that creates this kind of bowl-like shape that is short in length and, therefore, revealing an inset top that is white and strapless. Others: Basic white heels seemed to complete this look properly.
Tags: tube dress, inset pleat, tail, white heels, under-bust line (with belt), side strings, sweetheart neckline, women's clothing

Makeup's Name: * Time for Bed *
About the Makeup: I call this makeup look "Time for Bed", because the colors are very dark and kind of sleepy. The first step will be the eyebrows. The eyebrows are thick, black, and they curve on both the inner and outer corners. The second step is the eyeliner, in which is black, matte, and appied lightly on the lid. The third step is the blue eyeshadow. It is a navy blue and is thinly layered above the eyeliner. Began to put the eyeshadow on heavily, then allow the color to just lose a bit of strength towards the outer ends. Do the same exact thing with our next step, the silver eyeshadow; let the color fade towards the outer ends. Layer the sliver thinly over the navy blue. The next step, the fifth step, to be exact, is the blush. The blush is really just a soft pink. Any pink blush would probably do, as long as it is bushed on gently, so it can carry that effect. Also, be sure to apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks. The final step would be the lipstick, which is just a navy blue, to compliment the navy blue eyeshadow a bit.

Hairstyle's Name: Genuine
About the Hairstlye: A blonde straight 'do that is evenly cut just a little above shoulder length and carries a center part. The hair also curves inwards a bit towards the bottom.

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