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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

* Rachel *

Pixel doll © at "My Kind of Rainbow"
* My Kind of Rainbow * presents....

Outfit's Name: * Rachael *
About the Jacket: It's white and is actually fitted but very loose at the sleeves. The sleeves are long and carry black stitching on their ends, matching the black buttons down the front. There's black stitching on the very bottom lining of the jacket, as well. This jacket is also a v-nect and includes a very angular collar. About the Dress: It is black, fitted, and short; a basic tube dress, really. Others: The knee high stockings are pretty high, in order to keep the winter look going. They could reach all the way up the thighs but they look best folded down a bit at the top, which allows the black stitching to show, making for a perfect match to the jacket. This outfit is completed with a basic pair of black heels, to help bring out the simple black tube dress a bit.
Tags: loose sleeves, jacket, v-neck, button-down, tube dress, knee highs, black heels, collar, women's clothing

Makeup's Name: * Winter Vampire *
About the Makeup: I call this makeup look "Winter Vampire", because it's  blood red (vampire-ish?) and blue (like winter, or ice?). The first step will be the eyebrows. They are Cloe Bowie's natural eyebrow color, which is dark brown. They are entirely straight until we reach the inner corners; they come down a bit, making for a more dramatic look. The second step is the eyeliner, which is pretty basic: black, matte, and just let it outline the eye. The third step is the eyeshadow, or eyeshadows, in this case. There are three layers of eyeshadow here, starting at the lid and reaching all the way up to the eyebrow. I guess this should count as three steps? So the first layer should be a navy blue that fades into a lighter navy blue towards the outer ends. The second layer should be a periwinkle blue and, like the first layer, it should fade into a layer periwinkle blue towards the outer ends. The final layer is a sky blue, which is the layer that seems to pop the most out of the three layers; it really completes the whole cold, winter look I was aiming for. Again, this layer will fade into a lighter shade of it's starting color towards the end. There's one more thing we're going to do with Cloe Bowie's eyes; we're going to add some red, but it's not going to be layered. This will be the sixth step. It should start at the outer end of Cloe Bowie's eyes and should go up, creating a straight line, and it should keep going up until it reaches the outer end of the eyebrows. The shade of red should start at a blood red and fade into a classic red. That is all for the eyes, and we will move onto the seventh step (the blush). The blush is on the on the apples of the cheeks and is a soft pink-ish, purple-ish color that blends into Cloe Bowie skin complexion really well. The final step is the lipstick, which is just blood red.

Hairstyle's Name: * Sweetheart *
About the Hairstyle: A blonde wavy 'do that falls to shoulder length with an off center part. A good amount of strands are clipped to the side, for style purposes and to stay out of the eyes' way.

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  1. passing by..:) lovely morning..:) ooppss.. evening to you there..:) I like the wavy hair, and the white jacket , mmm.. honestly don't know much in applying make-up so I love reading it here, I've learn a bit on how to apply it..hehehe.. tnx sweety! :)passing by.. Smile..:)

    Happy valentine !:)

    1. Haha, I don't really know how to apply it, neither; I'm just having fun, lol. :D Thanks for passing by! Smiles, and happy Valentine's Day to you, as well, darling.