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Sunday, January 29, 2012

* Nikki (Guest Model) *

Pixel doll © at "My Kind of Rainbow"
* My Kind of Rainbow * presents....

Outfit's Name: Nikki -- named after the owner of "MyInvanity(.blogspot.com)"!
About the Outfit: I wanted to make something cool for our lovely guest model, Nikki. Her beauty blog is absolutely beautiful! I love it most when she shows off her lovely nail polishes -- so awesome. Her blog, visit it! Now, about the outfit, I have Cloe Bowie modeling it with Nikki and there's a reason for that; I've been working on a whole line of little black dresses for quite some time now and am ready to show all of you. I'm thinking about only having the guest models model my "little black dress" line, but we'll see. Anyway, here's a snippet of the "little black dress" line!
Tags: cutouts, under-bust line, dress, loose sleeves, bows, black heels, all black, tail, guest model, heart-framed background, women's clothing

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