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Sunday, February 5, 2012

* Liam *

Pixel doll © at "My Kind of Rainbow"
* My Kind of Rainbow * presents....

Outfit's Name: Liam
About the Outfit: Life is known to be short, and so this outfit is just kind of a reminder to encourage all of you to live. Not to just wake up every morning, but to wake up and do something with your day. What do you love doing? Do that, and do it now! For you have the ability to and won't forever.
Tags: shirt over shirt, long sleeves, short sleeves, polka dots, words, skinny jeans, white sneakers, men's clothing

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  1. Wow!!!! :) So lovely blog Sweety! Muaaahhhh!! Love your new blog..:) ow I can share comment too! I love the new blog! And your template, your design and added to attraction your collection of pixel doll! I love this Cloe!:)

    Thumbs up!! Very creative and talented young lady was showing more and more way up! I love it! :) Keep it up!:)

    Muaaahh!! *blink blink* Waving hand*:) Smile...:)

  2. Oh, my pixel doll was there!! hahaha .. love it!!! :) muaaaaahhhh!!!

    Hey this outfit today was really cool..:) Hmmmm, love it too..:)

  3. Oh my...I'm inlove with your new blog now! hahahah, can't stop myself to express how lovely your blog is!. Yes Sweety, you've done great here! Soooo lovely blog..:) Keep sharing more sweety!! :)

  4. @Sagittarian : Aww, thank you ever so kindly, Rose. :) I took a little break from updating my blog and wanted to come back with a surprise!

    Yes, your pixel doll is there, haha.... Oh, and I have it linking back to your blog -- so all my blog readers can easily access your blog, too!

    Oh, and -- of course -- thank you for the comments! Ah, they were a lovely surprise. Stay lovely, Rose. :) Hugs!!!!!