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Monday, January 23, 2012

* Reine * (Guest Artist)

Artwork © at "Little-Human-Being(.blogspot.com)"
* My Kind of Rainbow * presents....
Artwork of: Cloe Bowie
About the Artwork: This artwork was created by Reine Ackermann, who is also the creator of "Little-Human-Being(.blogspot.com)"! I discovered him through a post on Amanda's IceCreamBun blog. His blog -- and site! -- are both so inspirational that I highly recommend you stopping by. Reine, if you're reading this, thank you ever so much; this is the first time anyone, besides me, has ever drawn Cloe Bowie. This picture makes me smile in so many ways; it's really beautiful and I shall treasure it, always. I wanted to give you something in return, so....

Here's a poem I wrote dedicated to your lovely site. I wrote the whole thing, entirely, the day you told me you'd be willing to draw Cloe. I love to write poetry, but I'm not sure if I'm very good at it. I hope it's acceptable!

This is it -- "I am a little human being
But what a big thing that is to be
I think I am finally seeing
The gift that was placed inside of me

I am a little human being
Yes, compared to the rest of the earth
But, still, there is no disagreeing
Just how big of value, I am worth

I am a little human being
But I can take myself very far
As long as I'm alive and breathing
Nothing's holding me back from the stars

I am a little human being
But know better than to judge my form
Big things I was meant to achieve in
Since the very moment I was born

I am a little human being
And even though I'm not so sure why
Something in me's really believing
It'll all make sense somewhere in time

I am a little human being
But, above me, is a big blue sky
In which I shall continue seeking
Until the second I'm meant to die

I am a little human being
But am also a nature-lover
And so, it's fun being a wee thing
With such a big world to discover

If you thought this poem was the bomb
Even just a little piece of it
Catch LittleHumanBeing.com
I'm confident you're gonna love it"
-- That was it!

P.S. Reine drew Cloe in her exclusive "Sasha" outfit, which a few of you have already rated in the original "Sasha" post.... but feel free to rate it again, if you'd like; the rating bar is there, after all, so why not use it?

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