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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

* Rose * (Guest Model)

Pixel doll © at "My Kind of Rainbow"
* My Kind of Rainbow * presents....

Outfit's Name: Rose -- named after Rosalinda, the creator of several blogs: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
About the Outfit: It's inspired by Rosalinda; ^ she's one of the sweetest bloggers ever, and so I'm very grateful to have her following and supporting my blog. This pixel doll is just my way of saying "thank you" to her. The outfit is all white, because I see white as a pure and genuine color -- and so it works for Rosalinda. What I like so much about her is that she gets so many comments on her blogs, yet, she replies to every one of them; it just shows how grateful she is, that no matter how much she has of something, she'll still be grateful and appreciative to every single one of them.
Tags: all white, sheer, glitter, white stockings, white heels, cinched waist, dress, bows, straps, guest model, heart-framed background, women's clothing

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